High Quality Brass screen

High Quality Brass screen

High Quality Daisy and Jack style Glass Screen

High Quality Daisy and Jack style Glass Screen

Handmade item
Material: glass
High Quality Silver Screen

High Quality Silver Screen

Material:Stainless steel
Size: 20mm in diameter
Color: silver..
Preformed 5 fine metal screen

Preformed 5 fine metal screen

5 metal screen per pack
High quality Preformed 5 fine metal screen
15 mm diame..

Pipe screens are used in your pipes to filter and stop hot embers and tobacco from travelling up the pipe and into your mouth. If you've ever experienced this, you know how bad it can ruin a good smoke session. Pipe screens also help prevent the formation of dottle, a wet and sour clump of tobacco that can potentially ruin a pipe.

We offer a very wide variety of sizes of pipe screens here at C4 Hydroponics, and we offer three different kinds of materials: brass, stainless steel, and glass. Brass pipe screens are cheapest, but some prefer the "taste" (or lack of it) of stainless steel pipe screens, and still, others prefer the cleanest smoking experience and choose glass.

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